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Papers commissioned and presented at the Roundtables and International Conferences in May 2007 and November 2010 explore the economic foundations of the Gateway and Corridor concept. The work was intended as the basis for future dialogues on the role of gateway and corridors in the field of transportation and regional economics. The Conference and Roundtables were designed to generate major, high quality, policy relevant expert discussions and academic study drawing on conclusions from the activities and dialogue and providing a basis for future policy direction.

While the work were meant to be policy relevant, it was not intended to guide critical, immediate decision-making around regulation or investment. The work was intended to be forward looking, be as much as possible empirically based (both quantitatively and qualitatively), case related and focused on issues of principles rather than implementation.

Most Recent Papers

  Colledge, David
Gateways and Corridors as Exits
(719 KB)
  Wong, Edy
Gateway Development and Canada's Need for an Outward-oriented Supply Chain
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Previous Papers

Previous papers appear in alphabetical order of authors.

  Allen, Jennifer; Chow, Garland; Frank, Dave and Ong, Abigail
Using Marketing and Education to Reduce the "Border Effect’s" Impact on Freight Traffic Routing
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  Bandyopadhyay, Sutapa and Goetz, Andrew
Development Impacts of Trade Corridors
(1.6 MB)
  Berechman, Joseph

Societal Full Marginal Costs of Port Expansion: The Case of NY

  Blaney, Monica

Infrastructure Opportunities of Port Rail Authorities

  Blank, Stephen; Golob, Stephanie and Stanley, Guy

A North American Transportation Infrastructure Strategy

  Boardman, Anthony E. and Vining, Aidan R

Can P3s Contribute to the Upgrade of Canada's Asia-Pacific Trade Infrastructure?

  Brooks, Mary

Gateways and Canada's Ports Policy: Issues and Impediments

  Button, Kenneth

Distance and Competitiveness – Emerging Continental Network Barriers and Strategic Partners

  Cairns, Malcolm

Infrastructure Opportunities through Co-Production in the Railways

  Charlebois, Sylvain

The Gateway to a Market-Driven Agricultural Economy: A framework for Demand Chain Management in the Food Industry

  Chen, Hongmin; Xu, Li and Liao, Gang

The Evaluation of China's Reform on Aircraft Landing Pricing and its Role for Shanghai Pudong Airport as an International Gateway

  Chow, Garland

A Total Logistics Cost Approach to Measuring Collateral Benefits of Security and Supply Chain Improvements at International Gateways

  Colledge, David

The Costs of Supply Chain Congestion, Disruption and Uncertainty

  Comtois, Claude

Marketing Green Logistics: Environmental Strategies for Transportation-Based Gateways and Corridors

  Czerny, Achim

Maritime ports, Hub Locations, Capacities and Door-to-Door Services

  Delfmann, Werner

Gateways and Corridors: Adding Value in Global Logistics Systems

  Dresner, Martin

Assessing Productivity and Performance of Seaports: The Importance for Gateways

  Forsyth, Peter

Investing in Transport Infrastructure: Institutional Design and Efficiency

  David Gillen, Graham Parsons, Peter Wallis, Barry Prentice

The Dimensions of Value Added in Gateways and Corridors

  Gillen, David; Parsons, Graham; Prentice, Barry and Wallis, Peter

Pacific Crossroads: Canada's Gateways and Corridors

  Hall, Peter V

Global Logistics and Local Dilemmas

  Harrison, Robert

International Trade, Transportation Corridors, and Inland Ports: Opportunities for Canada

  Hazledine, Tim

How High is the Gate? A Study of the Border Effect at Five Major Canadian Airports

  Heaver, Trevor

Tying it All Together: The Future of Logistics in and through Gateways

  Hirshhorn, Ronald

Port Policy and the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative

  Kirkland, Clare

Assessing Potential for Inland Port Success

  Lall, Ashish

Canada's Pacific Gateway

  Lindsey, Robin

Transportation Infrastructure Investments, Pricing Policies and Gateway Competition

  Mason, Keith

Is the “Gateway” Concept Useful or Relevant to the Passenger Aviation Market?

  Morrison, William

Gateways and Corridors: Ten Messages

  Nolan, James and Phillips, Peter W.B.

Strategic Options in Canadian Transport Policy: The interface between Trade Pressures and Domestic Policy

  Oum, Tae Hoon and Tongzon Jose Lelis

The Role of Port Performance in Gateway Logistics

  Pain, Kathy

Global Cities, Gateways and Corridors: Hierarchies, Roles and Functions

  Pain, Kathy

Gateways and Corridors in Globalisation: Planning Sustainable Infrastructures for Transcontinental 'Spaces of Flows'

  Purdy, Margaret

Gateways and Corridors: Assessing and Addressing Strategic Security Concerns

  Rodrigue, Jean-Paul

Gateways, Corridors and Global Freight Distribution: The Pacific and the North American Maritime / Land Interface

  Ruijgrok, Cees J. and Tavasszy, Lori A

The Development of International Freight Transport in Europe as a Result of Development in International Trade and Logistics

  Verbeke, Alain and Dooms Michael

Integrating the Extended Gateway Concept in Long-Term Strategic Seaport Planning: A European Case Study

  Vickerman, Roger

Gateways, Corridors and Competitiveness: An Evaluation of Trans-European Networks and Lessons for Canada

  Woudsma, Clarence

Comparative Analysis of Urban Planning and Gateway Development

  Zhang, Anming

Congestion Pricing and Capacity Investment in a Gateway-Hinterland Intermodal System

  Zhang, Yimin
Shanghai Port and Yangtze River Gateway

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